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October 2014

Asset Allocation Is an Ongoing, Crucial Process

By - October 24, 2014

Everyone wants to be a superstar investor. But to be successful, we have to think critically about how we’ll produce outsized returns. Many investors try to swing for the fences, or they become obsessed with short-term volatility. In the process,…

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European Summer Dampens Heineken

By - October 22, 2014

The rain poured in Europe this past summer, but that’s not the only thing it’s diluted… The world’s third-largest brewer, Heineken (HEINY), handed in Q3 numbers, and they aren’t very refreshing. Thanks to a wet summer in Europe, consumers drank…

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Four Severely Flawed Portfolios

By - October 21, 2014

If you can predict the future with certainty, then stop reading. This article isn’t for you. But if you’re simply human, like the rest of us, you shouldn’t construct your portfolio as if you’re Nostradamus. After all, the point of…

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TIPS Are Unloved and Under-Owned

By - October 17, 2014

Let me ask you a personal question… Do you use protection? Because based on the recent, wild action in the markets, it seems as though many people have been practicing unsafe investing. Across the market, people are finding themselves overexposed…

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A Low-Vol Fund for a Volatile Market

By - October 15, 2014

As human beings, sleep is one of our most basic requirements. Not only does sleep help us stay alert and attentive during the day, but it also plays a vital role in memory formation. Chronic sleep loss can even harm…

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Cheap Preferred Fund Perfect for Low Rates

By - October 10, 2014

Retirees and near-retirees pleading for higher interest rates received some bad news on Wednesday when the Fed released its September FOMC meeting minutes. Markets learned that the Fed is becoming concerned about weak global growth and a stronger U.S. dollar.…

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Opportunity to Profit From Fear in Coal Bonds

By - October 7, 2014

As long as there’s been debt, a way to resolve unpayable debt has needed to exist. A passage from Deuteronomy in the Bible talks about creditors canceling debts every seven years. Throughout 19th century Europe, those unable to pay their obligations would likely wind…

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This Could Be the Only Chart That Matters

By - October 3, 2014

On Wednesday, the S&P 500 declined 1.3%, leading some traders to say we’re already seeing fear. Oh, how soon we forget what true fear in the stock market looks and feels like. After all, the market is less than 4% from all-time…

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Pepsi’s True Move to E-Commerce

By - October 2, 2014

Just yesterday, Pepsico, Inc. (PEP) announced its latest soft drink: Pepsi True. There are a few things that make this new beverage so unique. For starters, it won’t exactly be coming to a store near you. You see, given its plummeting soda…

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