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April 2014

Citigroup Silences Critics With Earnings Beat

By - April 15, 2014

Media headlines, far and wide, trashed Citigroup (C) and its CEO, Michael Corbat, for failing the Federal Reserve’s recent “stress test.” But this massive financial institution had something else in store for the naysayers. As the old adage goes, “Success…

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Dividend Sonar Report – April 14, 2014

By - April 15, 2014

Ticker Name Market Cap (Billions) Dividend Declaration Date Previous Dividend Latest Dividend Dividend Payout Change Dividend Yield BUSE First Busey Corp $0.5 04/08/2014 $0.04 $0.05 25% 3.5% IEX IDEX Corp $5.6 04/08/2014 $0.23 $0.28 22% 1.6% FUL HB Fuller Co…

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New Fund Brings You the Cheapest Stocks in the World

By - April 14, 2014

One of the big revelations for financial market strategists and pundits in 2014 has been the outperformance of value stocks. This really shouldn’t be a surprise, though, as value tends to outperform growth over the long term. For example, the…

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Game of Yields: 8% With Safety

By - April 10, 2014

It’s clear that the policy responses of central bankers (let’s just call them central planners) have spurred a global chase for yield. Investors have bid up dividend stocks and government debt alike, pushing yields down in the process. As a…

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The Market Is Rigged… But You Have an Edge

By - April 7, 2014

Michael Lewis’ new book, Flash Boys, has caused quite a stir. Having now read it, it’s quite clear to me that a significant number of critics didn’t even bother to open the book. Flash Boys helps shed light on the…

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Central Bankers: The Floggings Will Continue Until Morale Improves

By - April 4, 2014

The European debt crisis is over? No, the European debt crisis is still raging. Recent unrest in Spain and disinflation (declining rate of inflation) across the Eurozone remind us that all is not well in Europe. Deflationary pressures are of…

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A “Stress Utility Vehicle” Engineered for This Market

By - April 3, 2014

Sport utility vehicles (SUVs) are rugged. They have large tires, high ground clearance and four-wheel drive. They allow you to traverse rocky terrain or snowy conditions with ease. Basically, when the going gets rough, you want to be in an…

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Dividend Sonar Report – March 31, 2014

By - April 1, 2014

Ticker Name Market Cap (Billions) Dividend Declaration Date Previous Dividend Latest Dividend Dividend Payout Change Dividend Yield BAC Bank of America Corp $179.5 03/26/2014 $0.01 $0.05 400% 1.2% MS Morgan Stanley $61.8 03/26/2014 $0.05 $0.1 100% 1.3% STI SunTrust Banks…

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